Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Oy. What a day....

Busy, busy day at work. My full time job is working at an indigenous rights organization. I help organize indigenous arts, crafts, music and cultural festivals. They are really fun, like being in a circus really. But exhausting. We are in the midst of three weekends in a row. So, Friday through Sunday I work the festivals, Monday I collapse and sleep until 3pm usually, and the rest of the week is full of tying up loose ends from the prior festival and preparing for the next one.

Our next 2 will will in Portland, ME and Provincetown, MA. Here's the link to the info, just in case anyone reads this. Bazaars!!! I am most excited about this coming one, because my favorite vendor, Caroline, will be there. She works with a number of fair trade cooperatives in various countries in Africa and has fabric that is out of this world! I am going to get some and put pictures in this blog. Probably on Monday! She does a fabric of the month club too.... I really might sign up. It's great batik fabric that is hand made. She used to be a fashion designer and has a really great eye for pattern/design.

I have to restrain myself from shopping too much, because there are so many neat things there. I did get a great necklace at the last Bazaar, made by the San in Botswana of eggshell beads. I got that from an organization called Women's Work, and they sell lots of great jewelry.

I really need to find my camera.

Anyway, today at work was chaos entering new members and sending out our magazine. Then we had lunch with the members of a band called Indige Femme. Tash and Elena are Navajo and Maori/Samoan and they do great, really powerful folky music. It was a great lunch and they are great women.

OK. I need to relax now, because I have another full day ahead of me for the next four days. I mght get a post in tomorrow.

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