Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blythe is here!

Yippee. That made my day. She is just an Ashton Drake Gallery doll, but I want a good practice doll for customization, and I need a model for the clothes that I intend to make. I'm just calling her Dollie right now. No name really. My daughter is intrigued and horrified.
Here's a picture of her, begging me to make her new clothes from the lovely fabric I got this weekend.
I need to sand matte her and fix her makeup too. And eventually, new eye chips. The list goes on and on. But first... a new outfit.
Without further ado.... here she is....

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Suedehead said...

hi! I found your blog through the TIB forum :D
I used to have a blog (in spanish) but it's totally abandoned since I began obsessing over Blythe.. haha.
I love crafts too. I used to make felt dollies when I was little, but also have abandoned that activity. Now I'm more likely to pick up a needle to make clothes for my Blythies. Sometimes they turn out decent enought for them to wear, sometimes.. not so much! (I made a pair of panties that look more like diapers.. lol!)
so anyways, hi! and keep on blogging :)