Monday, August 20, 2007

Craft area reorganization...

Well. Due to a completely out of the blue break-up, my craft area will no longer be the messiest in the country for a little while at least. I have to move EVERYTHING from the living room, where it currently lives, into the walk-in pantry, which will be the new home of my craftiness. (I will be renting the living room out, once it is converted into a bedroom) So, I spent most of yesterday hauling everything out. Now I have to organize it so it doesn't just sit in piles. I actually like the new space, my table fits perfectly in there and there is good natural light. There's enough room for craft stuff and plates, dishes, etc. I'll get pictures up soon... I seem to have misplaced my camera in yesterday's moving. *sigh* I've been thinking of putting up peg-board to hang stuff on. Like it is used here. That would work well, I think.
I could also just get rid of stuff for once!!!
Well, pictures will be coming soon. I also got a ton of Japanese craft books that I ordered before I knew I was going to be dumped and broke. At least I have something to while away the days with now! I need to get some pictures up... I hope tonight, we'll see if I can get my computer hooked up again.

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