Saturday, January 24, 2009

I really am alive

I have not blogged for ages, but I have just been working way to much to blog, plus blogger is blocked at worked, so I can't do anything on my lunch break! I am getting back in the crafting swing of things and will be posting more soon, so hang in there!!!! More posts, book reviews, and craft pictures coming soon.

Gimme Your Stuff! : )

I have been swapping for a number of years through Gimme Your Stuff at I love it! here's my wishlist....

My name is Amy and I am a Moomintroll Addict. Little My and Snuffkin are my favorite characters. I would love to swap things from the US to people in Scandanavia and Japan or anywhere else for precious Mommintroll things. Especially FABRIC.... pillowcases, etc. Or yards of fabric. Anything Moomintroll is a good start. Stickers, scrapbook supplies (do they make them?), paper, note cards, anything.

I also am a craft freak. I do a lot of mail art, love scrapbooking, card making, ATCs, paper arts, soap making. I am in love with japanese craft and sewing books, zakka stuff, and other cool craft books from Asia. They don't have to in English!!

I love Labello lip balm and can't buy it here.

I also love fun stationary, my daughter is a Sanrio nut! She also LOVES Kawaii stationary, can't get enough of it. Fun Korean or Japanese or other countries in Asia stationary. We both love candies from other places.

I live in Boston and travel to NYC often. So.... I can get almost anything you'd like in exchange. I can send sweets, packaged food, crafts supplies, scrapbooking paper, you name it! I can also send yummy maple syrup, blueberry everything, salt water taffy. Or any goodies you can think of from Boston!

Interested? Email me at