Monday, July 30, 2007

Yay! Mail!

I got 2 swaps while I was gone of fun goodies from Finland. I do a lot of swaps through postcrossing. I love Moomintroll books... my grandmother is Swedish and they were my favorite books growing up as a child. So I love to swap with people in Finland for Moomintroll goodies. Here are some pictures.

The first picture is some fun goodies from Tiina... bandaids, lollis, a cell phone charm, lip gloss and sweets. Yummy!

This is a great envy of goodies from Jussi. A magnet, a moomin something, really yummy licorice candy and the best of all... a Little My tea towel. I am going to turn th
at into a purse! I'll post the completed picture when I am done. Little My is my favorite character. My next tattoo will be an image of her. She's sort of my power symbol... feisty, strong willed and eccentric. Those licorice candies are insanely yummy.

Here's the tea towel laid out....

I am so happy. I have one Moomin purse half done, made from a pillowcase from a prior swap. I am looking forward to making this one though.

I love doing swaps. I do them through postcrossing and gimme your stuff. I have a bunch in the works right now.

Yes. I am obsessed with Moomins. I made a moomin cell phone cozy recently. It was my first attempt, and I have to redo it, but here's a pic. It's Snuffkin. It is a prototype.... needs to be redone. It's scraps from the pillowcase bag.

And finally.... I made a bird for my friend Tree on Friday. One of my felty things. I will post the patten soon. It was quick and easy and fun.

In case you can't tell, I have re-confiscated my camera from Misha. : ) Coming soon... before pics of my grizzly craft area.... sigh.... so much tidying, so little time. And some long awaited photos of my donut goodness.

I have the day off today, because I worked all weekend. So I am just hanging around watching Styleicious and other craft shows and getting swaps together for people.


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