Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hooray. YesAsia coupon code...

I have to credit a comment by Hannah on the Wee Wonderfuls blog for this... it works and is great. If you type US in the coupon code box at YesAsia, during check out, you will get $5 off your order! It's only valid until July 31, 2007, but with the free shipping it is a help! Hannah, I don't know you, but I thank you!!!!

I ordered three books. One of them is this one:

It is ISBN 4834724522 . The title is (roughly translated): 235 Small Specials Mode From Recycled Fabrics.

I also ordered 2 other books, which I will post when they come.

My bank called me as soon as I'd placed the order, because they thought someone had stolen my bank card. Heh heh. Nope. It's legit. Nice to know they pay attention though. They called literally 30 seconds after the order went through.

I just found out that my sister's school is doing a craft fair as a fundraiser in October, so I think I might get a table. Better get busy making stuff. As soon as I reclaim my living room (which is where the couchsurfers sleep). The living room in our apartment doubles as my crafty area. My craft table is a mess right now though. I'll have to do before/after pics, because that is my #1 goal when the couchsurfers head off.... get that table clean.

I also want to spif up this blog, but that will come in time. No one reads it yet anyway. : )

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