Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Independence Days March 23, 2010-Post #4

 A very fruitful weekend for me! It was 70 degrees F, which is unheard of for March here. So, I spent the weekend moving my perennials from my old community garden plot to my new front yard, where I'll be doing my gardening this coming soon. I couldn't find my camera.

Also I am switching the categories a bit.....just so you know! They're based on the Chatelaine Key's Year Two Independence Days.

1. Plant something.
I moved my tarragon, sage, lavender-2 kinds, chives, mint and lemon balm to my new space and got them planted. I also moved my pussy willow (one of my only truly ornamental plants) and some day lilies (yummmmmm).

Also started some sprouts. I've fallen off the sprout bandwagon. They're clover sprouts. I got them last time we were in Montreal.

This week...starting seeds!

2. Harvest something.
Nothing to harvest. : ( I checked the nettles at the community garden but there aren't enough to make soup out of. Soon, soon.

3. Preserve something.
Didn't really preserve much....but I did make a ton of meals to freeze for the week. Oh...I did string up a bunch of hot peppers to dry, so they wouldn't go bad.

4. Reduce waste.
Used paper towel and tp rolls to make more seed starters. Used the food waste from my massive meal prep to feed the worms, except for the onions which they hate. Those were composted. Used newspaper that would have been recycled as new worm bedding.

5. Preparation and Storage.
Got my plot staked out. Now I must scavenge some cinder blocks to make a raised bed. This is a funny category for everything that isn't especially food related. I also worked on some herbal remedies for an herbal swap I am doing on craftster.

6. Build Community Food Systems.
Placed and received my first buying club order. Got some free seeds from someone at the Urban Homesteaders Meet-Up Group. Must get to one of their meet-ups one of these days!

7. Eat the Food.
Oh boy did I make food. Mostly from supplies on hand, I absolutely raided my pantry and made:
1 pot of veggie chili
1 pot of corn and potato chowder
4 loaves of bread
4 chickpea patties- based on the recipe here. I am in LOVE with vital wheat gluten! Good thing too, as I got tons of it in my buying club order.
2 bean patties
1 pot of black eyed peas and veg
Massive amounts of rice

Most of this is in the freezer for food throughout the week. I left some chili for my boyfriend's roommate, and left them three loaves of bread. Plus I let Tim have half the chowder so he can meat it up.

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