Sunday, February 28, 2010

Artsy/Craftsy/Garden Goals for the year

I don't do New Year's resolutions. I refuse. But goals are good, right? no particular order:

1. Participate in more challenge blog fun!
2. Organize my craft stuff, esp. my stamps.... I have a great idea which I found somewhere for organizing all my unmounteds on acrylic sheets. I have a special file thingy that will be perfect, I got some acrylic sheets, now I just need to start the process. More on that later.
3. Get my damn etsy store functional again. And sell some stuff!
4. Continue "Drunken Midnight Crafting" with Rabbit and invite other people to play. It's a fun way to learn new techniques, and is such a nice bonding thing. Girlfriends, wine, crafts? What's not to love.
5. I have decided not to let these bastard bed bugs chase me out of of this apartment, because I WANT that garden space. I am getting a garden journal and am planning now. I'm going to make a raised bed or two, and grow mints and tomatoes in containers, planning, planning, planning! I'll be in Maine in a few weeks which is a great time to pick up bags of seaweed for fertilizer and I am going to ask my friend Peter to start saving bunny poo for me..... build up those raised beds!

(Side note: I must give props to Emma Cooper of the Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast for inspiration. She has a blog too... here. I've been listening to the podcast for years, and just got her book and it is lovely. And she has the nicest accent in the world. (I live in Boston. I am surrounded by the most awfullest nails on chalkboard accents you can imagine on a daily basis, so a nice lilting UK accent is like candy!) Someday, perhaps, when Mish and I go visit her dad in wales and Grandparents in Liverpool, we'll do a side trip so I can meet my kind of idol. : ))

Well...I have more goals but these will be a start. I want to be on a design team someday, but that's going to take a years work and a bit of getting published. Let's consider that one long-term....

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