Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here's some of what I've been up to lately....

Long time, no post!!! Here are some of the crafty things I've been up to lately.....these pictures were taken by a swap partner on craftster, I forgot to photograph them before I mailed them!

Resin Bottle Cap Magnets! A fun way to use up bits of paper, and recycle/upcycle bottle caps. VERY easy and fun!

Felted dryer balls. I used some of the techniques here: Felted Dryer Balls
I used roving, rather than yarn, but I love how they came out. My swap partner said they cut her drying time by 20 minutes.... now I need to make some for me!

And my favorite, funnest project...felted soaps. I love how they came out, it was a super fun craft and I made bunches. I think I'll make them for Christmas presents this year.
I used a bunch of pages for inspiration, but here's a link to one I like: Felted Soap

That's it for now. Whew!! Finally got a post up!!! Look for my Independence Days post tomorrow.

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