Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can't blog now.... too busy crafting......

Yes, i have been a major blogging slacker. But I have been a crafting fool!!!!! This is my latest project, a baby blankie for my friend Randi's baby. Her baby shower is this weekend and I got it done in the nick of time. I am also still working on my burningman pendant (I have to redo it, long story...). Anyway... here's the blankie. I will have more bloggy goodness soon. I have a bunch of books to review too.

I hope that worked right. I only have dial-up now and it is excruciating. sooner have I finished this, but I find out I have another friend expecting! So now I am starting #2! I've also been a swapping fool on craftster... so have been very busy with some projects there.

I'll post those pictures soon. What else? I have discovered and am in love with oil cloth! I have made a few neat bags from it. It's been a loooooong cold winter here, and I have just been trying to stay sane.

On a positive note, we are moving back to the Boston area. Hurrah. Maine is beautiful, and my time here has been healing but it is time to move on. I need me some city life, quickly!

OK more soon. I won't be such a slacker from now on. I hope!