Monday, February 21, 2011

I am a (wanna be!) Urban Homesteader!

So, as I have a loaf of sour dough bread rising, made with flour I just ground myself this morning, and as I wait for my food co-op order to come in, so i can get my new essential oil and make some soap, I came across this facebook page: Take Back Urban Homesteading. Yes, a family in California who has done great work, has now trademarked the words Urban Homesteading, and are busy having their legal team send cease and desist letters to those using the term. And this fantastic facebook page is a great way to see how other bloggers and Urban Homesteaders are fighting back, in one way or another.

While I am nowhere near self sufficient, and never will be in this city, I believe that Urban Homesteading is something I have spent most of my life learning the skills for. I am a city kid. I love cities. I also love making bread, growing my own food, working toward self sufficiency, canning and preserving, composting and worms, and learning new skills as often as possible. I may not be an Urban Homesteader right now, but life for me is about the journey, not so much the destination. Every new skill I learn is a skill I keep. Someday....someday.. I'll be closer to that life! So, I am going to claim that title.Done ranting now. Visit that facebook page! there are tons of great bloggers posting today!

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Good post - thanks for posting!